Dutch Poffertjes House

Dutch Poffertjes House was founded in 2006 by Dutchman Bill Prins at a small country market in South East Queensland.

Originally a tiny food stand that sold ‘Oliebollen’, Bill quickly expanded his range of Dutch products, as well as adding coffee to the menu. Although, once Poffertjes were added, the other products were slowly dropped due to lack of sales.

Today, Dutch Poffertjes House is a family owned business, with Bill’s kids (Patrick and Sophie) having opened their own stores.

Bill has now ‘retired’ to Rockhampton, where he works hard on his mobile poffertjes business, covering local and distant festivals, fetes and fairs.

No more boring white box!

For the first time since the van rolled out of the factory it was made in, the roof triangle was raised today.
A little manoeuvring inside Signarama’s factory unit, to get the peak of the triangle between roofing beams, and the van was parked in place for a vinyl wrap.

When we raised the roof section, we discovered the protective sheeting that comes on fresh steel, was still attached. A year in the sun made this an absolute bugger to get off.

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New mobile food van for Bundaberg

For the last year or so, in order to trade at an event, Bill has had to tow the box trailer in, spend up to two hours constructing his stall, work all day, then spend another hour or two cleaning everything up, deconstructing the shop, and putting it all back in to a box trailer.

It’s been a lot of work, but we have finally got around to building him a proper food trailer. With a unique Dutch look, and a full sticker-wrap, it stands out at any event.

Now all he needs to do is tow it in to place, connect the electricity, turn everything on, and do a little set-up. Next time you see him, try asking him how happy he is with the new set-up.

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